My batcave.

My batcave.

A Fishy Background

I was in the first grade when I first visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I was immediately in fascinated marine life; sparking the dream of becoming a Marine Biologist. As a little girl, I had this idea that scientists sketched what they studied; so that’s what I did: sketch a lot of fishes. Eventually, I drew nothing but animals.

Obviously the scientist thing never happened and you don’t see a single fish in my portfolio. But if it weren’t for that one trip to the aquarium, this wouldn’t exist.

Meat & Potatoes

I've lived in California all my life, but I love to travel for the sake of watching hockey (if that’s not totally obvious).

I'm always reading, cooking some kind of noodle dish, cracking dad jokes with my fiance, watching hockey, ice skating, plucking away at my ukulele, and collecting art books.

Just recently discovered that sage tastes good with coffee. My guilty pleasure is professional wrestling when hockey season is over.

Why “Brave the Fog”?

It’s personal me in a sense that I’m always moving forward,
even if I can’t see what’s ahead.

Past Galleries

2018 | Overwatch / LA Valiant @ Gallery Nucleus
2016 | Princess Bride Tribute | Anaheim @ Alley
2016 | Star Wars | San Diego @ FX Dojo
2016 | 8-Bit and Beyond 2 | Brooklyn @
2016 | Burton Show @ Anaheim, Rothick Art Haus
2015 | Popcade @ Anaheim, Rothick Art Haus
2015 | Spirit of the Wind @ Fullerton, Alley

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