About Kim O’REilly

The short story

I have up to 10 years of creative experience, with up to 5 years of directly overseeing creative teams and or projects. I enjoy mentoring and participating in managing the careers of junior designers as well as assist with recruiting and hiring. 


The long story

Art is making something out of nothing. Then there's the design aspect of it: HOW are you going to make this something out of nothing. I've spent every year since I was five years old trying to figure out the difference and the similarities. I would have to say that not only did it help my creativity, but it has made me one heck of a problem-solver.

I got my knack for drawing in first grade after my first trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, sparking my love for marine life. From then on, I had a dream goal to be Marine Biologist or a field scientist who sketched animals—possibly both!

Earlier on in my career, video games, comics, and positive events from my childhood influenced my work as these subjects intend to fall into the scheme of what makes people smile and laugh.

I've lived in California all my life, but I love to travel for the sake of watching hockey and experiencing the energy of opposing team fans on their home turf!

I'm always reading (about hockey), cracking dad jokes, watching hockey, ice skating, plucking away at my ukulele, collecting art books. Just recently discovered that sage tastes good with coffee. My guilty pleasure is professional wrestling.

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